Lubricant Manufacturer

FUSITO Petrochemical Group, a global group is founded and developed with core value “Bring to the consumer all the best” – our service and product must be completed at the most perfect way. There is no way for FUSITO to change our strict perfect working way. FUSITO never accepts compromise (in particularly quality) to exchange for benefits in advance although the exchange brings a huge benefits. This is how Japanese and FUSITO apply in order to build our brand globally.

To be clear, building brand and FUSITO products always comes up with those criterias:

– Perfect and immutable quality (never compromise).

– Impressive, gorgeous and eyes-catching designs.

– Reasonable price and always more inexpensive than products with same grade, quality and origin.

– Professional service

– Prestige is number 1 and this is our strength: PRESTIGE IS POWER.

– Win-win cooperation in long-term.

Products of FUSITO Group is served for automotive field, car, motorcycle such as: batteries, filters, windshield washer fluid, coolant, sprocket, brake, specially lubricants, grease, as below:

– Oil for car and commercial vehicle

– Oil for diesel heavy-duty machines

– Oil for automatic transmision and manual gearbox

– Oil for gear

– Oil for motorcyle

– Oil for marine and industry

– Grease etc

Our factories are located in continents: Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Latvia, Bulgaria. Our distribution network spreads on the world. We do hope that we sastify our customers with our business philosophy and infrastructure.

Fusito Attributes

A Diverse Range of Products

Fusito prioritise in Research & Development efforts to manufacture optimal performing products for its application. Fusito has Lubricant Oil Products that covers all lubricant requirements ranging from Automotive to Industrial Industries.

Product Range

Growth by Quality Assurance

Fusito tests all oil products with strict protocols, to maintain quality for product integrity. Whenever you purchase Fusito Lubricant Oil, you can be assured that all our products are tested professionally and held to a high regards with ISO standards.

Quality Assurance

Awards & Certification

As a prestige Japanese Lubricant Oil Manufacturer, Fusito is held highly with regards & endorsed by organisations & customers. Fusito is honor to be adwarded the variety of awards & certification by Fusito’s quality.

Fusito Awarded