Premium Quality Japanese Lubricant

About Us

FUSITO GROUP., diversifies our products in automotive, motorcycle range such as battery, filters, windshield washer fluid, coolants, sprocket set, brakeshoe, in particular in FUSITO lubricants. FUSITO lubricants are distributed to over the whole world via its global network. We can deliver the shipment fast and conveniently based on our international network of factories in many countries such as Japan, Singapore, Bulgaria, Thailand etc. We have strong belief in lauching greener products for every clients with superior lubricants from premium basestock and high quality additives. We create products for opening the way to protect the enviroment for next generations.

Diverse Range of Products

FUSITO carries a range of premium and high performance lubricant products for automotive , industrial, marine, speciality components, after market and greases. All our products undergo in depth research and development as well as stringent quality checks which ensure that our products comply or even exceed and strictest industry standards in terms of performance and quality.